Saturday, June 17, 2017

Profits are better than wages

 Profits are better that wages . Jim Rohn 

Who would have none . There is a chance you are working your ass off at the office . I know  for sure this beats not having employment  right . 

What tick me off really bad that the long hours and sometimes 16 plus hour and very little sleep did pay all my bills and if the bills were paid the money that i made did not give a enough to spend the money or  spend quality time  with my family .

At least i had a job 

What happen next i learn how to create a passive income and enough to share give to my charity and travel ,spend time with family without everyone knowing  i create wealth 

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1. ****The growth of a Entrepreneur is allot of Hard work . And this is not Easy .;

2.**** How to use only  5 Social Media to Create a Buzz to Your Business  ;

 3 ****Why ? The tree  did not have a  choice. But to  become Bigger :


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