Friday, February 10, 2017



 Lets be Blunt ! Our Air Freshener are Great 

Read below : 
Some of the useful ways to use our Air Freshener and burning oils 

1 . You can use our fragrance in your burner to have a slow aromatic smell throughout your home 

2 Can be use in your vehicle or cars 

3. Can be use in your Air-freshener Vent .Just Spray a little on a clean filter and let the smell go throughout the house

 ( Please make sure that the filter is Brand New before you use the fragrance ) In your Air Condition 

4. A towel or a rag can be use as a Dryer Sheet . Spray a little on a towel let the towel air dry before you add to clothing ( A your towel can be use often and your clothing will smell wonderful ) And more affordable than a Dryer Sheet  

Warning : Of the use of our products 
 1. Please keep your Freshener out of the Reach of Children 

2. Please Do not Spray the Air fresher on your Dash broads , Leather Seats , And do not add  to your    Air Condition Vents . In your Vehicle or Car ,Trucks . We know want spray in the Air Condition (Smile ) 

 Please do not add this Air Freshener to Burning Fire ( Our Air freshener is a oil base ) Not a Water Base Product 

3. Using your Air Fresher . The Fragrance must be spray under the mats ( Please do not spray near the Driver area )

 Depending What type of mats this could cause slipper mats in your car a little will go along way 
4 . We love our Clients and safety is our number one goal 

(Make Sure that your bottle is tight and Standing Straight At All times In your Car or Home . Please place this product on Glass not wood 

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