Friday, September 25, 2015

Why should you be in sales to make money ( Increase your Income Edition )

Why should you be in sales to make money ( Increase your Income Edition )

Why  should  you be in sales to make money ( Increase Income  Edition )

Today Our Car broke Down and we must repair the brakes on the truck . yea the cost is around $385 dollars yes we will be able to pay for this issue . and solve our car problem  with new brakes . But here is the issue allot of people cant afford  to do  so this leaves them riding a cab  or a bus

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How to Have a Rich Fragrance Business Before You Have a Poor Business

How to Have a Rich  Fragrance Business  Before You Have a Poor Business 

You can have a small a profitable business , Or you can have a  HUGE profitable business  that don't make allot of money here is my Why . you must hire people to help you run a business you must have people to Sell with you . ( You must Find Vendors)  You must have a Huge Inventory 

You must be their everyday . And this will become your Job or Headache  now if this is what you want to do i can help . 

Now this is how i use my fragrance company to leverage . and buy other companies or products or service to lead me from the everyday grind . What should leverage in to Roosevelt . A Business or Service that you understand 

Now you can be a Superstar ! that will make money ?

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How to start a Super Money Making Fragrance oils Business . With a Cash Flow

How to start a Super Money Making Fragrance oils Business . With a Cash Flow 

Look  !   am not a  snake oil salesman . But i do sale fragrance oils to make money  and yes this is   part of my business ,

 Life is about taking risk and making  a  allot  of mistake ask a lawyer doctors or a business person  car sale men  or sale women insurance  agent ,real estate, anyone who make  mistake and  will learn from their mistake  the Woz  of making money .

But here the issue ! The Fragrance Game  is a Hard Business and with a little help and the right  knowledge . You could make allot of money .(With this Business ) Lets Get Focus

Now my Name is Roosevelt Davis and have been in this business for over 20 years . I Have Been in every flea market that is in Florida and further i have drove many cars and rental cars and put in the miles and the labor to achieve the goal as a known brand .

And i  have meet so  many vendors and so call manufacture :

That  have  waste  other people time , Yes you can search on the internet and search search and make mistake or you can pay for information

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