Sunday, May 7, 2017

7 billion people who could be your client and they are not all online

7 billion people who could be your client and they are not all online 

Here is a a announce today .How come i cant get new clients to buy from me  Online . Here some of the reason people do not like  you  or they do not have enough money to buy from you or they dont  trust you ! 

 Look if you thinking that internet is a Win . You must know that some of your buyers are older and they can not use the internet and do not care if they ever . 

Now the younger Demographics .Do not have the money to pay for what you are offering and they are just surfing the internet to learn How to do everything for free  

What should you be doing : Do offline and online spend your energy on your efforts that pay now . 
 This is only my solution for you today ; More to Come  

And you should always be adding a least 5 new people each day .And bring into your funnel .  5 clients each day x 52 weeks is 260 clients a year .And if you are in business for 5 years this  is over 1,000 clients and each one these clients know at least 10 people that can refer to you . This is amount is around 10,000 people that you will touch 

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