Saturday, April 1, 2017

Here comes the blitz. Babby !

Here comes the blitz. Babby ! Here comes the blitz. Babby Hello this is Roosevelt Please make a comments and please subscribe .

Thanks to the lady at the post office Downtown Jacksonville Florida She gave two options to ship my clients order .

And both shipping methods are the same .But there was one difference one had a Insurance and faster and the other shipping method took longer and i could lose everything in the package for the customer and their trust in my business .

 Here is another way i look at life . We start in the same goal line of life we start at the bare minimum . With our wages are education and this is most of us who are poor and middle class Some us also start at the same jobs .

 Most Americans start their journey in their youth start around 5.000 to 10,000 As a adult their is around 30,000 or as high 50,000 and after that they could take a declined in pay and they get older . True statement the older they become the less money they will make and depend on family ,

The government , and other supports This should be the older i get the more i make African proverb is this Let those who choose to close their eyes be trampled Why wait when you can do more with your life .Our God want you to do more Buy My book Create :

Click here and lets get started : Here comes the blitz. Babby And Buy Business Hustler Owners www.

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