Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How to sell top fragrance and perfume oil and have repeat business

How to sell top fragrance and  perfume oil and have repeat business 


This  is a  cold day in Jacksonville Florida .And i had a though why ?  Do some  so many  business people  who sell fragrance oils .Can not  make money in the perfume oils business .

Here is my  reason they do  not  have a clue how they can make huge profits and  more than a living wage . In the fragrance business along .

 My friends with knowledge and research of anything you  do . most the time you will out perform the person  who is selling the same products and without the basic of products such as soaps ,incense ,freshener the flavors of what you are selling to assure your clients that you have the  knowledge.

Some people will assume you are not a expert  of what you are selling 

  Just Smell So  we have all kind of fragrance for all occasion such a wonderful Dress for the spring or a  fragrance for that prefect tailor suite for man who is working on a  high power  deal .

 You must know how to sell this to your clients . 

Just Smell So  have the fragrance that meet the needs of our  clients .Summer , Winter ,Fall  Spring
You must  have the knowledge and the products for your clients and you should sell all year round . Know what you are selling become the expert give a great reviews of products  and then the money will come and your new company will thrive 

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