Sunday, August 21, 2016

Why do we Struggle to lose Weight

Why do we Struggle to lose Weight 

 Going forward working on my exercise regiment today i doing my burpees to work on my whole body wellness. I was watching a episode of the George Lopez .Were he is helping his best friend with his weight loss .  To  get the lady of his dream  Watch my video to find out more 

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My Name is Roosevelt Davis and weight a astounding 278 pounds and my height is 5 "11 and I am Fifty and a middle age Black Male
 with a young son that just turn five years old and 4 wonderful grand kids and Super Hot Wife. Who loves Me ! 

 My knees hurt My Back Hurt and my body is  not allowing me to  sleep because i had so much sugar in my body .and Very Fat Stomach

I feel  sluggish and very fatigue all the time my body told me  its time to make a change or i will face the consequence of my behavior with food . So one of friends introduce  me to  this amazing company .


 My friends we have allot to lose  you can call me to get started 904-962-2626 or you  can email me at

 I  have allot to live for more about me later  (What about you and how can i help )

I have loss 15 pounds in the last two weeks i feel amazing . 

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And  get started making a change to live start you business today .Start with a package of  50 bags of tea for only 561.87  

 Or if you really want to go strong buy  150 bags of tea for only 1679.95

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How i lost 11.5 Pounds with this Business . This is My Review with The Iaso Tea

I Fell Good About Me !  Everyone Struggle about business and Weight loss

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